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Spewer is a popular online game, based heavily in the laws of physics in which you play a character that pukes a lot. Literally. Every part of the game is to due with vomit, which is where physics comes in. Spewer, although a gross concept, is a great way to introduce children to physics, specifically liquid physics. It’s a puzzle that platformer the uses the concept of liquid physics as its core function. You take the role of some kind of living test subject, and your code name is Spewer. (hence the vomit.) You have to vomit it to your way over 60 levels of to the stomach that turningthe puzzles, learning in new abilities, changing forms as you go. The controls are contained within the game, and are operable from your keyboard. Some avid players of the game say that the game sometimes runs slow on their computer. Apparently if it is running slowly you should pause the came and set the detail to low (much like lowering the quality on a youtube video) or try turning off the background rendering. They also say if you are playing on an old OS or a low end computer that you should download the standalone version to make play easier, and that you can find the link to it on the title screen of the regular game. One player gushes on the game’s website that it was “awesome!” and super creative. He is not alone in the love of the artistic style and the concept. Most players find the game captivatingly challenging, and say that figuring out the puzzles and winning levels is a point of pride. The game is organized into chapters for the convenience of its players, and is described by another player as absolutely amazing! They also say that everything works, that is has a great concept of physics, and that the puke isn’t gross, but funny! So, spewer is apparently here to stay! Go to your favorite site to play.

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